Calle Buenos Aires 39, Valencia
+34 611 340 196

Let's change your mood

Take a brush and let's do it. Enjoy your time and give a chance to yourself to express your soul.
We have the recipe. First, having a good atmosphere, Like when you were a little child going out to meet friends to do something together. We try to create this cosy atmosphere, people ready to share the passion for art, to explore and to enjoy. Second, it is about trying something new. To explore how to paint, how to improve your technique or how to try new compositions. Learn means to grow, to progress, to be more open-minded and to work about your creativity. The third to find time for yourself and to leave all problems out of the door. To relax for a couple of hours and refresh your mind in art therapy. And last why you should come it's to smile! We are non-spot smiling people and like to have fun with everyone. It doesn't matter if you are 2 years old or 80 years. To laugh has no age.
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Come to express your imagination
to learn art, creativity and more.


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You can find us in Ruzafa neighborhood. Amazing space for creative people like you.

АдресCalle Buenos Aires 39


Телефон+34 611 340 196

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